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Do you want to improve the quality of your driveway or roadway? Are you looking for a top rated tar and chip paving company near me in Silver Spring MD? If so, we want to help. Silver Spring Paving is dedicated to offering a variety of high quality paving solutions for commercial and residential clients. Tar and chip paving is one of the services we provide. Tar and chip paving is also known as chip sealing, and it is an affordable alternative to asphalt. If you would like to use it for your property, reach out to our paving contractors for a free estimate.  

Tar and Chip Paving Company in Silver Spring MD  

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Tar and chip paving is a solution that many individuals and commercial property owners choose to save money and enjoy a gorgeous finish. Tar and chip use a combination of hot liquid asphalt cement and liquid hot tar. Then, gravel is added over top to bind it all together. The result is a resilient form of roadway that can also look very attractive.  

At Silver Spring Paving, we also provide customized gravel options where you can choose the color and type of rock that you prefer, we use to bond the ingredients. We bring the ingredients of your tar and chip paving project to your property and bind it altogether during the installation process. Our commitment to giving you better quality pavement is what keeps us moving forward as a business. We get your tar and chip paving project done right the first time.  

If you want durability and quality for your tar and chip paving project, you can confidently choose Silver Springs Paving. We are ready to give you the service you require.  

Advantages of Tar and Chip Paving Over Asphalt  

If you are on the fence about tar and chip paving for your roadway, driveway paving, or commercial property, we can help you make a decision. First, there are multiple benefits of choosing tar and chip over another solution such as asphalt. 

Thinking about a tar and chip road? If so, there are some advantages you should consider including it is low maintenance, it gives you a similarly beautiful appearance to asphalt, it is extremely durable and can withstand the demands of traffic and chemical spills. It also gives you superior traction if the weather gets bad and it protects your tar and chip from oxidation and other issues that can contribute to premature aging.  

Reach out to Silver Spring Paving to learn more about tar and chip paving solutions and how they can benefit your business or private property.  

Free Tar and Chip Paving Estimate  

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Are you ready to make a decision on tar and chip solutions for your business? If so, we want to help. The first step is to determine a chip and seal cost estimate. We are happy to provide a free tar and chip paving estimate that is based on the needs of your property. Give us a call to learn more about this service today.  

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